The Region: South Florida

South Florida, comprised of Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties, is the fifth largest urbanized area in the United States with more than five million residents. Within the next 20 years, South Florida’s population is expected to grow by nearly three million people. As one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, South Florida faces the challenge of how to maintain the region’s economic competitiveness, while continuing to offer a high quality of life. Key to the region’s economic vitality and quality of life is a robust multimodal transportation system that provides mobility for existing and future residents and visitors, alike. Our existing regional road system is reaching capacity with few opportunities for further expansion, while the prices of housing and gasoline continue to soar. South Florida needs a regional transportation system now more than ever!

The Agency: South Florida Regional Transportation Authority

With the creation of the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) on July 1, 2003, South Florida’s three counties began efforts to work together to ensure a viable regional transportation system. The SFRTA, with cooperation from our transportation partners, works diligently to plan, develop, fund and operate a seamless, safe and efficient regional transportation system. A regional transportation system in South Florida will ensure mobility, advance sustainable growth and improve the quality of life for our current and future residents.

The Vision: Regional Transit Projects

To meet public demand, the SFRTA is strategically planning for several needed transit projects to provide for the future regional mobility needs of South Florida’s resident and visitors. These projects will allow people to rely on transit and enjoy the benefits of avoiding our increasingly congested highways, while saving money on gas, as well as on auto insurance and maintenance. These projects complement existing and planned transit service by transportation partners, and will provide the backbone of an expanded regional transportation system that may include light rail, busways, streetcars and rapid bus transit, as well as others. The current projects include: encouraging, Regional Transit Oriented Development, Tri-Rail Coastal Link and Tri-Rail Station Improvements.

The Need: Dedicated Funding

To enable the SFRTA to provide the regional transit projects South Florida’s public has requested, a dedicated source of funding of at least $50 million per year is required. These funds will: Increase regional mobility and connectivity, Attract Federal Transit Administration funding, Provide greater return on investment for State and Counties, Support sustainable economic growth, Enhance quality of life, Accelerate transit expansion projects.

This is the time for South Florida to support enhanced regional transportation, and transit alternatives, in particular. A dedicated revenue source is imperative in enabling the SFRTA to move forward with efforts to plan, develop and implement an efficient regional transportation network, in partnership with Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. As a united region, South Florida can greatly benefit from better-funded projects and increased mobility, which is key to the area’s continued economic vitality and sustained quality of life!