Transit –Oriented Development (TOD)

TOD is a mixed-use pattern of pedestrian friendly, higher density development, with reduced parking around transit stations. Mixed-use TOD can be composed of residential, commercial, recreational, service and public uses, within walking and/or biking distance of transit, and can reduce or eliminate car ownership costs.

 SFRTA TOD Policy & Outreach – Overview

Recognizing the potential of TOD to create convenient transit access within vibrant live/work communities, and in turn, to increase Tri-Rail ridership, the SFRTA Governing Board approved Resolution #17-01 on April 26, 2017, to adopt a TOD Policy. The Policy describes SFRTA’s guiding interest in encouraging station-area TOD, its benefits, and the basic elements needed to create successful TODs.

Together with the Policy, an outreach strategy was approved for SFRTA to meet with sixteen municipalities and three county governments located on the South Florida Rail Corridor (SFRC) on which Tri-Rail operates. Meetings were also scheduled with planning staff in FDOT Districts 4 and 6, and with the three metropolitan and transportation planning agencies. In August 2017, SFRTA Planning staff, working with the South Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils (RPCs), commenced a sequence of outreach meetings with local governments located along the current Tri-Rail corridor. The objectives of these meetings are to:

  • Introduce the SFRTA TOD Policy and gather input from municipalities and planning agencies
  • Gather information on any current and planned TOD-supportive land development regulations
  • Establish ongoing coordination to advance mutually beneficial TOD opportunities

 SFRTA TOD Policy Regional Forum

On March 27, 2018, SFRTA held a TOD Policy Outreach Forum to reconvene with the municipalities and agencies who participated in SFRTA’s Outreach efforts. In a round-table format, participants discussed and exchanged information on their respective TOD efforts, and SFRTA reported on the range of TOD activities, policies, regulations, and developments local governments have undertaken to advance local and regional TOD.

Forum Flyer: Forum

 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) TOD Planning Pilot Program
The South Florida TOD (SFTOD) Pilot Grant

In September 2015, SFRTA received an FTA grant of $1,250,000 to conduct TOD planning activities for potential Tri-Rail Coastal Link (TRCL) station areas to be located along the Florida East Coast (FEC) rail line.

Using grant funds, SFRTA contracted with the South Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils (RPCs) to develop a process to select even municipalities for station-area TOD planning efforts, and to conduct, manage, and produce final reports for the various planning activities, studies and process.

In a competitive application process, fourteen applications were received, from which the following seven cities were selected: North Miami Beach, Miami, Hollywood, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens.

 Schedule of TOD Grant Planning Activities

 Upcoming Planning Activities
  • City of Miami TOD Code Workshop
  • City of Oakland Park TOD Code Workshop
  • City of Wilton Manors TOD Public Planning Workshop

 Upcoming Planning Studies
  • Housing Equity
  • Infrastructure Capacity
  • Bike/Pedestrian Facilities
  • TOD Business Fund Approach
  • SFTOD Public Outreach

 SFTOD Planning Activities - Final Reports